Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Post #1

About Me

Hi everyone!
My name is Abigail Mularz and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I grew up living here in Mobile, but I moved to Baldwin County during high school with my father. My dad works in the oil industry so my sisters had a lot to do with raising me. The older I get the more I realize how much they have to do with most of my success. I graduated from Spanish Fort High School in 2010 and moved to Fairhope to attend Faulkner Community College the following school year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Mobile Bay area the cities I am talking about are only about 30-45 minutes from Mobile. I loved living in Baldwin County and hope to return there after college.
All of my life I have been working with kids; my first job was actually at St. Paul’s extended care in Mobile off of Old Shell Road. Though it was my place of employment it was also an escape for me. The kids could light up my day no matter what, and that is why I loved it so much. I am currently working at Becks Daycare in Mobile off of Anchor Drive near St. Dominic’s. The daycare is where you can find me before, between, and after class. This isn’t because I have to be working all the time to support myself, this is because I love working with my kids that much! They aren’t the only ones learning; I too learn new things about kids every day from the teachers, and also from the kids themselves.

My Future Classroom

Thinking about my future classroom is something I do almost every day. Though, I don’t think I have learned enough about being a teacher to write a full grade “A” analysis of what my expectations are. I do know that I would love to incorporate art in the classroom as much as I can; I am a strong believer in exercising the imagination. Throughout my years of working with children outside of the classroom I have learned that the ages I enjoy working with the most range from five to nine. If I had my choice I’d either choose to teach kindergarten or first grade when I begin my career.

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch’s video on time management can be a useful resource for anyone with time management problems. I however have very few problems with time management. Earlier I mentioned owing my success to my sisters; well, one of my many perks is that I love making to-do lists. I make a one every single day, and I make sure everything is crossed off by the time I end my day. If I was unable to do something on my list for the day I put it at the top of my list to do for the next day. I really liked what Randy Pausch had to say about planning, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. It’s so true. With a to-do list you can never blame yourself for forgetting to do something, without a plan or to-do list there’s a 50% chance you may not reach your goals.


  1. Dear Abigail,
    Based on what you have written I believe that you will become a great teacher and that you already begun to master many skills that will make you better. You wrote about always wanting to be around children at your work not because you needed the money but that you enjoyed it; believe me, I can still remember which parents had a hard time dropping their child off at Bible Camp and which looked happy to see them leave. There were even times in Day Care that I was told by a parent not to hold or rock their child so that they would not become attached to others. It hurt to realize that this child would be forced to love only those within their own family and to care for "outsiders" at a distance. More children these days need a teacher who looks forward to being with them and I strong believe that you are one. I liked most that while you didn't know exactly what type of classroom you wanted, you want to use your love and the children you care for's love for art in whatever you do. I had a teacher like that once but she enjoyed music and to this day I still sing her songs about math formulas during exams. I look forward to watching for your name to be listed at whatever school I teach and be at ease knowing that there is another one here who loves their children, too. I notice that you also wrote in the Randy Pausch question that you put what you couldn't do for the name at the top of tomorrows' list. I have kept trying over and over to do just that but I seem to fail in this department and I am beginning to write my list again. Do you have any tips for both writing it and sticking to it?

  2. Yes, art!!!

    Well written. Welcome to EDM310!

  3. Dear Abigail,

    I am also an Elementary Education major. My mom, who has been a teacher for 23 years now, has always said it takes a special kind of person to want to teach the little ones. I completely understand about the children brightening up your day. I am a high school volleyball coach and the girls on my team are my world! I may be having the worst day ever and when I walk into that gym I cannot help but smile. Even though they are not in my field of elementary education, I do want to coach in the future and they are helping me learn the best and most effective ways to successfully coach a team full of crazy teenage girls. I believe this will also help me in my future classroom. I honestly do not know what my future classroom will be like, but I want it to stimulate my children's imagination. I would also like to teach kindergarten or first grade. That is the age when you, as a teacher, can make a huge difference in a child's life. I want to teach my children they can make a difference in the world no matter how young they are. Maybe get them involved in community service that we do as a class.

    The Randy Pausch video on time management was very useful to me because I do have time management problems, but they are improving. I have used different methods but never a "To-Do" list. I will be sure to give that one a try. I love how you talked about and ended with his quote, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." This quote was like a punch in the face to me, but it really changed the way I do things now and how I manage my time.

    I enjoyed reading your post. You write very well and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Brelyn Searcy