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Saturday, February 9, 2013

C4T #1

Week 1
I was assigned to read Teaching as a Dynamic Activity blog post by Jerrid Kruse on January 16, 2013. In the first post I read Mr. Kruse explained his latest technology project for his students. This assignment was similar to one in the past, but it this time gave students the opportunity to explore deeper into the assignment instead of giving them the opportunity to “throw some ideas together, rinse, and repeat.” This theory made the light turn on in my head; I have come to realize many teachers I had were not approaching education in the most effective way.
Here, Mr. Kruse is giving the students enough instruction to lead them to success, but he is also leaving more room for them to succeed on their own. In case I didn’t state my thought clearly, I was pointing out the fact that he is not spoon feeding the assignment to his students. I commented on this post letting Mr. Kruse know that I agreed with him about his new approach to his assignment. I also told him about my thoughts on the importance of future teachers growing with technology.

understanding and acceptance
Week 2
There was not a new blog post on Mr. Kruse’s page for me to comment on so I decided to explore his blog. I chose to comment on his post about students’ views on learning posted on January 6,2013. I found this post to be interesting because it’s almost as if he tapped into my mind. In this blog post Mr. Kruse spoke about how students’ view of learning affects their learning. He mentioned that there were two kinds of views; static and dynamic. Static view being the one that believes memorizing information will help do well on tests, and dynamic being the thought that actually knowing the knowledge through integrated understanding will show better results.
I believe the static view is a huge problem in society today. Only recently have I been given a study guide that does not have every question word for word on it that has been on my test. Teachers and professors everywhere need to stop doing this! Students memorize the information and do brain dumps as soon as the tests are over. In order for our future students to retain information we need to emphasize understanding not memorization. Memorization is not the key!

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