Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10

I will be teaching elementary aged students and along with educating them I plan on providing them with the basic skills they need to build their PLN. One application that I have found to be helpful when building a PLN is Flowr. This is an app designed to help your PLN grow through collaboration and sharing in real-time. It allows educators (and many other professions) the ability to share polls, links, ideas, questions and concerns through the use of a timeline; this way posts are organized by relevance. The application is also a great tool to organize your personal learning network contacts and all of their information so you will have it all in one location.

Another resource I discovered while using Symbaloo is Edmodo. I'm not sure if Dr. Strange covered Edmodo in his previous assignments, but is an online application created to better the communication between teacher and student. It has the appearance of a social networking site so it is appealing to students. There is also an application for their smart phones so that they can have access to information and assignments at all times. This is a great source I plan to use in my future classroom because it has been proven to get students more involved which is one of the most important things in the classroom today.

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