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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post

When I used the WolframAlpha search engine to compare the populations of India, China, and the United States I found that the United States population was significantly smaller than that of China and India. China and India have populations over 1 billion people where as the United States only has a population estimated at 309 million people. So, I admit that I am probably one of the students Dr. Strange was talking about when he said many students misinterpreted the data from the video Did You Know?, but I honestly had no idea the size difference between these countries was so different. I looked at my world map and decided to use WolframAlpha to compare the sizes of Ireland, Canada, and Australia. The results were not as mind blowing as they were for China and India compared to the U.S. but the results were still interesting. Ireland’s population averaged at about 4.59 million people, Australia’s average is 21.5 million, and Canada had the highest population which is 33.9 people.

Gary Hayes – Social Media Count Change
I was fascinated to see Gary Hayes Media Count Change for social media and mobile media. After navigating through the different social medias, I decided to start a stop watch to see just how much goes on during 1 minute; the numbers were astonishing. Below I have included a picture of just how much social media we Americans use in 60 seconds:
media counter
It was interesting to see how fast we move through new technology in a minute. Instagram has only been open to the public for a few months and already has more upload action than YouTube. I think it was Niccolo Machiavelli, an early enlightenment thinker that believed resisting progress will only leave you in the dust. So, in my opinion it’s a great thing for my career as an educator because technology is constantly growing with our children therefore we should embrace it. Technology is good thing for our children because it enables them to use their brains at a much faster pace which allows them to get more done.

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