Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4T #2

Week 1
My C4T assignment this week was to read Josh Stumpenhorst’s Blog. The first week I visited his page I commented on a post about personal learning networks. He provided 3 sets of slides based on PLN and resources available to create a PLN. I found these slides to be very helpful when I began working on project 9. Here is a link to the blog post: #METC13 Session Slides

Week 2
This week when I visited Mr. Stumpenhorst’s blog I read about a project he did with the Pearson Foundation.

The project was to write about “5 Things I Know”. His 5 are:
1 - Kids are humans…and therefore should be treated as such.
2 - Creativity and curiosity are crucial in learning.
3 - We are all on a journey.
4 - Change doesn’t happen when we are comfortable.
5 - Growth happens through failure.
My comment to him was: "I really enjoyed reading about the 5 things you know. "Learning happens in its truest form when students are learning through a genuine sense of curiosity rather than a forced sense of duty." This is a powerful statement that hit me really hard, it is more than inspiring it is motivational to all educators and future educators around the world to want to change the way we teach. Great post! Did you enjoy working with the Pearson Foundation?"

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