Saturday, March 2, 2013

February C4K Summaries

C4K #1 Chas
C4K1My first C4K I looked at a blog created by a student named Chas. His blog post included a presentation on The Great War. The presentation was created using Google presentations which is something we learned about this semester so I was able to use this to my advantage when trying to relate to Chas. I told him he had very good grammar skills and I asked him if he had any pointers as far as using Google presentations. I was very impressed by how well he had his presentation organized.

C4K #2 Jack of Sapia’s Superstars
For my second C4K assignment I visited Jack of Sapia’s Superstars blog, he is a 4th grade student that seems to really enjoy learning. I commented on his post about why he likes homework. I told him I found his opinion on homework to be true; it gives you a little more practice for things you may be having difficulties with. He also made a statement about all homework being on the computer which I thought was a great idea.

C4K #3 Mao
C4K3I really enjoyed reading my third C4K assignment; blogger Mao is a year 6 student at Point England School. I commented on her blog about her first day of school, but I also enjoyed reading her other blog posts; especially her post reflecting the use of Netbooks in the classroom. I told her that I hope the Netbook continues to help her grow and learn throughout the school years to come. I also encouraged her to keep up the good work!

C4K #4 Tammy Jo
For my final C4K of the month I was assigned to look at Tammy Jo’s most recent blog post. Her blog post was about suicide and why people commit it. I told her I agreed with why she thought people may choose to commit suicide and I also told her it is important to always keep in mind that we should be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle. I was sure to compliment her on her other blog posts as well :)

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