Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Blended Learning Cycle

Paul Anderson created a podcast dedicated to explaining the Blended Learning Cycle. Blended learning takes the compelling parts of online, mobile, and classroom learning and blending them together in the classroom. There are 5 E's to the learning cycle and they are: engage, explore, evaluate, expand, and explain. First you want to start with an engaging question for students to explore, and then you explain the phenomenon; expand upon that and then evaluate it. There are 6 parts to Mr. Anderson's blended learning cycle: 1- Question (hook) 2- Investigation/ Inquiry 3- Video 4- Elaboration 5- Review 6- Summary Quiz. This is just a step by step list of how Mr. Anderson uses blended learning in his classroom and I think it seems quite effective.
blended Learning
Starting off by catching his students attention with an interesting question in which they can explore/investigate opens the door for them to find the answers for themselves. Like Mr. Anderson said, the video allows you to stop and talk with students about the subject at hand. After elaborating Mr. Anderson said he does not let his students go on to the summary quiz until they finish reviewing with him so he knows they have an idea about said topic. I think this is a great approach because students must go through a review before being quizzed on the knowledge. I personally find that it helps to review before quizzing because after you refresh the knowledge you just took in it is easier to answer questions about it; rather than throwing yourself right into the test after reading new information.

Link to Mr. Anderson's Blog: Bozemanscience

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  1. I think it is a wonderful idea to make sure that the students know the material and skills needed to pass the assessment. There are many teachers that give tests not caring whether or not a student knows the material. I know because I have been there. I have had teachers that did not care if I passed or failed a class. That is why I like the blended learning style so much. Wonderful blog post.