Sunday, April 7, 2013

March C4K Summaries

C4K #1 Alex M.
For my first C4K this month I visited Alex M’s blog. He posted about what students can gain from blogging and whether or not it is worth the time. One of his main points he made about blogging is that it helps students learn how to type the proper way. Alex also agreed that blogging is well worth the time because it helps you learn valuable information about people. I asked him a few questions and agreed with his opinions about blogging because I too believe it helps students gain certain skills.

C4K #2 Gentry
Civil War
For the second C4K of the month I was assigned to view Gentry’s blog. The most recent post on his page at the time was about the Civil War. He listed a five major points he found important about the Civil War. Here is a link to the post if you would like to see more of his posts: Gentry’s Blog

C4K #3 Calvin
Calvin's BlogMy third and final C4K of the month was one of my favorites, Calvin. Calvin is a year 7 student at Pt. England School in New Zealand. His about me lists many of his favorite hobbies and his blog is full of great posts and fun images drawn by Calvin himself. The post I commented on is called “Surfing Dog” and it is a story about how a dog named Sampson that got bit by a shark while he was surfing. In the end made the front page of the newspaper so things evened out. My comment to Calvin was: “Hi Calvin! I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am majoring in elementary education. First I'd like to say that I fully enjoyed reading your blog! Your about me is so well written and I love how welcoming you made it sound. This story about Sampson is awesome! Did you write it yourself? It kept me on my toes hoping Sampson would survive. I took a creative writing class in high school and the main focus was to catch and keep the attention of your audience; I'd say you did a superb job with doing both of those! Your illustrations are great too. Do you enjoy blogging in the classroom? I am new to blogging but so far it's making learning fun. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Keep up the good work Calvin!”

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