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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15


My Reflection
My first post included a paragraph answering these questions: "Imagine your classroom when you start teaching. What will be the methods of teaching that you will emphasize? What tools will you use, and what tools will your students use?" At this point I can say I have a better idea of how to answer those questions. I would still like to incorporate as much art in the classroom as I can but now I have an idea of the technology I would like to use in the classroom.
I am an Elementary Education Major and I would really like to teach kindergarten or first grade, but I know I may not have my pick. Therefore, I want to be prepared to teach all ages between K-6. “What kind of technology could first graders possibly use?” would have been a question I asked prior to this course but now I ask myself what technology couldn’t they use? Children have sponge like brains; they soak up and take to everything, most of them navigate certain technology better than adults.
When I am teaching first grade or any grades above that I plan on using blogs in the classroom because I think children can gain so much from it. They are constantly working on their writing skills and they are also instantly communicating with others. It helps them develop social skills and it allows them to create a personal learning network that they can use for collaborating throughout their life.
Speaking of PLNs, I would also like to help my future students create their personal learning networks in which they can continue adding onto over the years. I learned this semester just how effective the use of a PLN can be. Blog post #11 really opened my eyes to the use of technology at an early age in the classroom. Part of this assignment was to watch Mrs. Cassidy’s video “Little Kids Big Potential”- a must view for all.

technologyIf I were to go back and rewrite my response to blog post #1 I would change a few things. Like I said, I would like to incorporate as much art in the classroom as possible-I am a strong believer in exercising human creativity. I would add the fact that I would like to incorporate the use of technology in and outside of the classroom. I would do so with the use of some project based learning; which is another technique I learned from this course.
Another thing I would change about my first blog post is my choice of age I would like to teach. For a while I have wanted to teach kindergarten or first grade because I have become comfortable with that age group, but I have realized I must prepare to be the best teacher I can be for all ages between K-6. I would really like to teach any age at this point because I have been exposed to just how much I can do with all age groups and how much fun I can make learning for them with the use of technology and project based learning. I am so eager to teach and I am so grateful for the preparation this class has given me.

Friday, May 3, 2013

April C4K Summaries

Nicholas L.
c4kFor my first C4K of my last month in EDM 310 I was assigned to look at Nicholas L.’s blo. He posted a blog titled “Intro to Russian Students” and it was a brief summary of where he was from and where he would like to visit. He also wrote about his favorite sports, hobbies and favorite class in school. Nicholas said he would like to visit Europe so in my comment to him I told him I would like to visit Greece and I asked him where he would like to visit. He commented me back saying: “I like to go to Norway, Sweden, and some parts of Germany. I seen the pictures of the mountains and the views look amazing. So what parts of Greece do you want to go to?” I commented back tonight telling him that I would like to visit Milos, and Ikaria.

For my second C4K of the month I visited Trevor’s blog. I really enjoyed reading his posts the one I commented on was titled “Nebraska Post”. This post was many fun facts about Nebraska, and at the end Trevor asked: “What’s your state bird? Where do you live? What’s your state like? What’s you state insect? Do you like your state? I hope you like your state.” My comment to him was: “Hi Trevor! I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am majoring in elementary education. I was very surprised by some of the information I didn’t know prior to reading your post. I enjoy both Koolaid and rubans; I am glad to know something about their origin :) As I mentioned I attend school in Alabama; Mobile, Alabama to be exact. Mobile is my hometown and our state bird is the Yellowhammer. I had to do some research on google to find out that the Monarch Butterfly is the official state insect of Alabama. I love my state! It is very warm, and so pretty when it is not raining. I live near the Mobile Bay and Dauphin Island; I really like living near the water and I don’t ever plan on moving too far from it. We have many museums but none about skating; that sounds really cool! I love traveling but I have never been to Nebraska. Do you like to travel? What state would you like to visit the most? I love my state and I’m glad you love yours too.”

kids world

As for my final C4K of the semester I visited Liam’s blog. He wrote a post about his Easter weekend and everything he was planning on doing. Liam also mentioned his favorite candy and that he was excited to participate in the Easter egg hunt. My comment to him was: “Hi Liam! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the United States and I am majoring in elementary education. I hope you had a good holiday, did you get any of your favorite candies? How was the Leopold Easter egg hunt? My favorite Easter chocolates are Cadbury eggs and Reeses peanut butter eggs. Over my Easter weekend I dyed eggs with my mom; it is one of my favorite traditions. I look forward to reading more of your posts :)” He responded saying: “Dear Abigail Mularz, Thanks for your great comment. Yes I did I got crunchie Easter eggs and a bunny. It was great because I saw some of my friends and got lots of chocolate. From your blogging buddy, Li♣m”

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project #13

googleDuring this course I was introduced to many different collaborating tools. Such as Skype, Twitter, and Google Docs. I personally got the most use out of Google Docs this while working on group projects with my group, Fantastic Four. It was really neat being able to work on certain projects together without having to meet up, because most of the time out schedules conflicted. Google Docs along with SMS, and gmail are some of the tools I became familiar with throughout this semester.